Let me talk about this man for a minute.

I met Alan its-tlife on tumblr what feels like ages ago. I was in highschool so maybe about 7 years ago is when I first spoke to this man. He was one of those night owls, you know the people that stay up late on tumblr posting random shit.

I’m not…


This crazy ass man jumping over me its-tlife




Message of the Day- Don’t let anything stop you from following your dreams.

From Jay-Z telling him he needs to stick to producing, to a almost fatal Car accident, Having his mouth wired and still recording, To his mom Passing away, to people trying to minimize his success, Kanye Has never let anyone or anything control his ambition.

Just look at this picture from 12yrs ago and imagine where music would be if He would have given up on his dreams.

Don’t ever dwell on what you don’t have, if you don’t have something at the moment, God just doesn’t think your ready, so be happy with what you have and use those tools to help you get what you need! 🙏😊

Reason I will never turn my back on him


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